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Automated Outcalling / Voice Broadcasting

The heart of the Automated Marketing System is a customizable Automated Outcalling System, that can be scaled to handle virtually unlimited capacity, based on the needs of you and your agents. The system calls out to people that have either opted in, and/or meet various criteria that would make them candidates for your business or opportunity.

Leads can be called based on their location in the US, or in virtually any country where phones are primary means of communication. They hear a short message introducing them to your business, products or opportunity, and are prompted to take action like calling into our IVR Call Menu for more information, or transfer immediately to an agent if you decide to make that option available.

Custom IVR Call Menus

Each of your agents can have the option of having their own inbound VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone number, which will be answered by our customizable IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system, where the caller will be presented your custom Call Menu. This system can be set up to play recorded messages telling about your business, product or opportunity, and optionally be set to automatically send them a text message with a link to a landing page on your site.

In addition, prospects can be given the opportunity to make choices that will give them additional information. By pressing numbers on their touch-tone phone, or smart phone on-screen dial pad, they can choose to:
  • Listen to more information about your business, product or opportunity.
  • NEW! Be sent a text message with a link to your fully customized and personalized Contact Landing Page.
  • Be sent a text message with information or a link to a Landing page on your AMS Portal site.
  • Be sent a text message with information or a link to a Landing page on your Opportunity site.
  • Be Subscribed to receive a series or periodically broadcasted text messages.
  • Leave their email address, so they can receive more information and/or a link to an AMS Portal or Opportunity site Landing Page.
  • Leave their name and number, and possibly a brief message, expressing their interest in what you have to offer.
  • Call transferred to one or more of your agent’s cell phone or office.
  • To be put on your Do Not Call list.
Different people like to be receiving information in different ways. We want to make sure we have options that will handle all your needs. If you have ideas, or specific needs that aren’t being handled, simply visit our site and let us know.

Text Message Broadcasting

You and/or your agents will optionally have the ability to send immediate or scheduled Text Broadcasts to your customers or prospects. This can be helpful either as a marketing tool, or if you need to notify prospects or your downline, or an urgent matter. They can unsubscribe at any time by replying with a text message that says “REMOVE”.

Text Message Auto-Responder

Just like with Email Marketing, Text Message Marketing is more effective, the more you are able to interact with your customer or prospect. For this reason, we have modeled our Text Message Marketing system like an Email Marketing system, by allowing you to create a series of Text Messages that are delivered in order, with a defined amount of time between each one. This allows you to build a relationship over time, in an automated manner. They can unsubscribe from the series at any time by replying with a text message that says “REMOVE”.

Notification and Daily Reporting

You will be notified via email when some takes action… and soon we will be adding Text Messages and Smart Phone Push Notifications as notification options, instead of email. Besides these notifications, detail reports are emailed out to each agent daily.

Custom Landing Pages / Sales Funnels

Your site can provide valuable information to potential prospects through text, graphic diagrams and videos on Lead Capturing Landing Pages, such as:
  • Company Overview
  • Company Presentations
  • Product/Opportunity Presentations
  • Promoting Your Site as a Tool (see Site Subscriptions below)
  • Optionally require potential prospects to enter information before seeing your content.
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