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Text Message (SMS) Marketing Automation

Absolutely the most cost effective way to get immediate response from your customers!

Near 100% Deliverability… 99% Open Rate… with those customers taking action in 90 seconds rather than 90 minutes! Yes… It’s “permission based”, but with a little marketing strategy…

You can get people to “stick” and keep your list growing!

Text Message Broadcasting

You and/or your agents will optionally have the ability to send immediate or scheduled Text Broadcasts to your customers or prospects. This can be helpful either as a marketing tool, or if you need to notify prospects or your downline, or an urgent matter. They can unsubscribe at any time by replying with a text message that says “REMOVE”.

Text Message Auto-Responder

Just like with Email Marketing, Text Message Marketing is more effective, the more you are able to interact with your customer or prospect. For this reason, we have modeled our Text Message Marketing system like an Email Marketing system, by allowing you to create a series of Text Messages that are delivered in order, with a defined amount of time between each one. This allows you to build a relationship over time, in an automated manner. They can unsubscribe from the series at any time by replying with a text message that says “REMOVE”.

Notification and Daily Reporting

You will be notified via email when some takes action… and soon we will be adding Text Messages and Smart Phone Push Notifications as notification options, instead of email. Besides these notifications, detail reports are emailed out to each agent daily.
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